Aura Vision

Aura machines can help manage, translate, and explore human energy like never before.

Inneractive aura imaging systems offer the best professional tools for Aura and Chakra readings, to better focus alternative health and healing for the individual.

Energy Suite AuraCloud

AuraCloud offers the latest in human energy aura-imaging. Our newest software applications show the body, aura and chakras in 3D.

Aura Video Station 7

Our original aura-imaging system is available in two package options: Pro or Basic to fit your treatment needs!

Fluir distributes professional tools for Aura Vision, for more information

Aura Vision
IES AuraCloud 3D

IES AuraCloud 3D

The premier IES AuraCloud¸ 3D package offers precise and effective biofeedback-enriched tools for crystal clear human energy readings. We've enhanced our patented aura-imaging software with practitioners in mind. New data-management programs allow easy storage of all readings and client profiles for future reference and treatment validation.

Utilizing the newest techniques, stunning 3D aura imaging software displays real-time aura and chakra results simultaneously. The AuraCloud software installs seamlessly onto any personal computer. Plug in the Biosensor and Orbit Web Camera, and with the touch of a hand you are ready to begin the digitizing human energy. Now you have the tools to tackle mind and body therapy from every angle!

The package included

InnerSense hand biosensor InnerSense hand biosensor Logitech Orbit Web Camera Logitech Orbit Web Camera 3D AuraSim 3D AuraSim AuraVid AuraVid
AuraGraph AuraGraph AuraScript AuraScript AuraWave AuraWave
The package also includes software CloudManager and ClientManager
Aura Video Station Pro 7

Aura Video Station 7 Pro

The Aura Video Station 7 Pro Package offers all the exclusive features of our Basic package, but with added adaptations for specialized healers and retailers needing more in-depth options. Use the new AnimalAura Plates to read four-legged clientele: place paws on the plates for fast readings. Or slip on the ReikiTips to further enhance one-on-one therapeutic treatments.

Aura Video Station Basic 7

Aura Video Station 7 Basic

Aura Video Station 7 Basic Package easily installs Inneractive's unique software on a personal computer. Five in-depth applications display biofeedback readings instantly. Each application serves a different purpose, such as depicting Chakra strengths, emotional state, overall Aura colour, BioData energy levels and much more.


We wanted to enable and enhance your energy levels to achieve the correct focus of your life.

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